BRT and AMTS form a seamless integrated public transit service for the convenience of citizens of Ahmedabad.
Services and Routes
The operations plan developed not only provides route structure for BRT operations but also the rationalised routing plan for AMTS operations. This is necessary so that the two systems compliment each other rather than compete with each other.
In terms of routes following three types of routes are structured to operate transit services.
BRT Trunk Routes
Complementary Routes (AMTS)
BRT Feeder Routes
Based on an assessment of the existing routes and travel desires, alternate set of BRT trunk routes, BRT feeder routes and complimentary routes have been analysed. Of this following set has been adopted. In this set there are 10 BRT trunk routes, 21 BRT Feeder and 60 complimentary services have been identified for operation.
BRT Routes: Following are the 10 routes are proposed for BRT trunk routes in the base year (2008). These would be put into operations in phases as each section of the network is constructed and ready for operations.
Janmarg Smart Card
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Bus Schedule
FEB-2014 RTO Circle-Maninagar
FEB-2014 Maninagar-RTO Circle
FEB-2014 Maninagar-Anjali
FEB-2014 RTO Circle-Anjali
FEB-2014 Narol-Naroda
FEB-2014 Naroda-Narol
FEB-2014 Anjali-Naroda
FEB-2014 Naroda-Anjali
FEB-2014 RTO Circle-Naroda
FEB-2014 Naroda-RTO Circle
FEB-2014 Iskcon-Maninagar
FEB-2014 Anjali-Iskcon
FEB-2014 Iskcon-Nehrunagar
FEB-2014 Nehrunagar-Iskcon
FEB-2014 Bopal-Maninagar
FEB-2014 Maninagar-Bopal
FEB-2014 Bopal-Anjali
FEB-2014 Anjali-Bopal
FEB-2014 Science city Approach-S P Ring Road
FEB-2014 S P Ring Road-Science city Approach
FEB-2014 Delhi Darwaja-Science city Approach
FEB-2014 Science city Approach-Delhi Darwaja
FEB-2014 Maninagar-Chandkheda
FEB-2014 Chandkheda-L D College
FEB-2014 L D College-Chandkheda
FEB-2014 RTO-Nehrunagar
FEB-2014 Town Hall-Naroda
FEB-2014 Naroda-Town Hall
FEB-2014 RTO Circular-RTO Circular
FEB-2014 RTO Anticircular-RTO Anticircular
Travel Card
Rules of Life-Time Janmarg Travel Card
Smart Card (Travel Card)
Luggage Policy
Janmarg Token Details
Fare Calculator

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